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Project Development

Thorough planning and due diligence are the cornerstones of successful construction project development. At Holwick, we work closely with our clients to develop clearly defined project objectives and budget parameters while identifying any potential site issues long before work commences.

  • Bidding and Negotiation
  • As your general contractor, Holwick manages the bidding process and negotiates with subcontractors on your behalf.

  • Budget Development and Control
  • Once the scope of your project has been established, Holwick will work with you to develop a detailed budget outline. Our experienced project management team goes to great lengths to prevent cost overruns. By using sophisticated cost control methods, we are immediately alerted when a budget issue arises so we can take quick corrective actions.

  • Value Engineering
  • By weighing important factors such as labor, materials, scheduling and design decisions, Holwick provides highly accurate cost estimates for projects of any size. Dependable cost engineering solutions allows us to deliver projects on time and within budget.

  • Due Diligence
  • Prior to starting a project, we perform our due diligence on each construction site in order to identify any possible risks that could result in delays or cost issues (i.e., budget considerations, environmental issues, existing site conditions). The expert team at Holwick can help analyze these risks and provide recommendations for action.

  • Scheduling
  • Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of a well-run construction project, and a task that we take seriously. Our expert project management team meticulously oversees every detail of the scheduling process, identifying potential delays well before they become a problem. The end result is a fast-tracked construction job finished on time and within budget.

  • Subcontractor Pre-qualification
  • Every subcontractor who wishes to do business with Holwick Constructors must first file a pre-qualification form with our offices. Since 1962, we’ve created a vast database of subcontractors throughout Southern California, allowing us to invite vendors to bid on a project based on their service regions, past projects, capabilities, and other data.

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Architectural. Engineering. Construction Management.

Holwick offers comprehensive design-build services for clients seeking a turnkey contracting service. Our design-build capabilities include architectural and engineering design in addition to construction management. The design-build process expedites the project and often results in a quicker, more affordable, and higher quality finished product.

Our design-build services include:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Coordination and Management
  • Holwick streamlines the scheduling and coordination of mechanical and electrical engineering in order to resolve any potential interferences before they occur. Carefully managing these two systems is a must in order to reduce job site scheduling conflicts.

  • Conceptual Design and Space Planning Oversight
  • From the start of any project, we’ll work closely with you to to better understand your expectations in regards to design and space planning. Through close communication with our architects, we’ll ensure that your needs are accurately reflected on the blueprints.

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Oversight. Leadership. Communication.

All are crucial when it comes to construction management. At Holwick, we oversee every aspect of every project—with a painstaking attention to detail that you expect out of a general contractor. Each day, we ensure that our construction sites are safe and efficient, and that all of our subcontractors are working with one common goal in mind—to give you a finished project on time, within budget, and above expectations.

  • Contract Administration
  • We manage all contracts for every project we oversee. Our project managers negotiate contracts prior to construction and receive regular updates from project engineers and superintendents to ensure contract deliverables are met.

  • Cost Control
  • We keep daily cost records on each project to compare spending versus budget. This allows us to anticipate potential cost issues and address them before they can become an issue.

  • Documentation Control
  • Our documentation control service fast-tracks the construction project by eliminating delays caused by paperwork bottlenecks.

  • Quality Assurance
  • We perform ongoing quality assurance inspections on contracted work to make sure it conforms to project standards. Necessary corrections are performed as soon as possible, with minimal effect on project budget and timeline.

  • On-Site Management
  • A representative from Holwick is always on-site during work hours, overseeing every aspect of the construction process. Each superintendent remains in constant contact with our offices, providing up to the minute status reports.

  • Resource Utilization and Operations
  • Resource utilization allows us to identify the optimum amount of resources needed (i.e., materials, labor, time, etc.) to complete a specific project. All successful general contractors use resource utilization to save money and streamline projects.

  • Regulations & Inspection
  • Holwick has worked with many local government agencies throughout Southern California. We schedule regulatory inspections well in advance, allowing us to avoid delays and ensure project timeliness.

  • Safety Compliance
  • At Holwick, safety is always priority number one. Every job site we operate is safe, compliant with OSHA regulations, and free from any recognized hazard. Every subcontractor we hire must show a history of safe practices and demonstrate thorough safety measures without exception. To ensure the safety of our sites, we perform routine safety inspections.

  • Schedule Control
  • Our project schedules are carefully monitored during the life cycle of the project to ensure important benchmarks are met.

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Even when your project is finished, our work continues.

Even when your project is finished, our work continues. Holwick offers a multitude of post-construction services to help you move in, get settled, and get working. We handle the inspection process, training on new equipment, extended maintenance requests, and much more.

  • As-Built Drawing Documentation
  • If your local municipality or end-users require as-built drawings, we can provide them as requested on your behalf.

  • Equipment Training Programs
  • When requested, Holwick or one of our subcontractors will provide training on any new equipment that was installed as part of your project.

  • Governmental Inspections and Review
  • Holwick oversees the scheduling of governmental inspections and review, working closely with agencies to ensure your project meets every state and local building code. We provide jurisdictional agencies accurate and detailed construction documents as soon as possible in order to expedite the approval process.

  • Occupancy or Use Certifications
  • Holwick is well-versed in the occupancy or use certifications required by jurisdictions in the greater Los Angeles area. We comply with all local requirements and work proactively to ensure all fees, documents, and applications are submitted in advance.

  • Post-Occupancy Inspection
  • We perform our own post-occupancy inspection to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction. If we notice any aspect that needs attention, or receive complaints from tenants, we will act immediately to resolve the issue.

  • Warranty and Operation/Maintenance Manuals
  • Completed documentation, including warranty information, is provided for all materials and equipment we install.