Josh Williamson

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Josh Williamson

Project Manager

Josh began working with Holwick Constructors in 2015 as a project engineer, receiving promotion to assistant project manager and then project manager shortly after.

Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering and management from California State University, Long Beach.

Beginning in the industry at age 15, he brought previous construction experience in a combination of field construction and office supervisory roles across multiple construction trade disciplines.

Since starting at Holwick, Joshua has participated in over 250,000 square feet of tenant improvement projects throughout Southern California. In addition to his TI experience, Joshua has worked on several capital improvement jobs including exterior renovation and base building work.

Josh at-a-glance:


• Bachelor’s degree in construction engineering and management – California State University, Long Beach

Notable Projects:

• Pandora
• 3000 S Robertson Exterior Renovation
• Stone Canyon
• Watt Plaza Building Management Office